Even 8ths

Latin Jazz

Band formed by Lolo Garcia and Juan Munguia who also composed the all repertoire which is made by original songs. Album recorded at the Principal Theatre in Alicante, Spain

Lolo Garcia sax / flute / compositions

Juan Munguia trumpet / compositions

Isaac Martin guitar

Miguel Serna e.bass / upright bass

Palmeras Santos piano

Daniel Bagutti drums

Michael Fleiner y su Septeto Internacional

Afro Carribean Cuban music

The band is a unique combo of seven musicians from Cuba, Spain, Brazil, Switzerland. The repertoire consists entirely of original compositions in the afro-caribbean and latin-jazz styles.

Michael Fleiner piano/compositions

Juan Munguia trumpet

Lolo Garcia sax

Bernhard Bahmert trombon

Dudu Penz bass

Stephan Jorg el Nino percussions

Daniel Bagutti drums

Pit Company 



All the repertoire is original and thee compositions are from the whole band.

Peter Balazs bass

Stephanie Kuffer piano

Matthieu  Scheider

Gerry Lopez Sax

Daniel Bagutti drums

Make plain


This duo is formed by Andrea Zinzi and Luke Imperiali.

They decided to call a side band for this new  album "Side Street"

The musicians of the side band are:


Daniel Macullo, e.guitar

Julien Cambarau e.bass

Daniel Bagutti drums




Khaos is a Swiss-USA band.

Daniel took part of the first  Swiss tour of the band right after the drummer Trevor Franklyn left Khaos.

Chandler Mogel vocal

Mark Rossi e.guitar

Nic Angileri e.bass

Antonio Princiotta e.guitar

Daniel Bagutti drums



Daniel performed with Fayola all over New York City and partecipated to the Festival "Music Under the Stars".

Fayola vocal

Marvin Dolly guitar

Olivier Court piano

Peng Ji a.bass

Daniel Bagutti drums

Tinton Groove of Thierno Camara

Afro/Fusion Music

Daniel toured New York and New Jersey with Tinton Groove and recorded an album in Thierno's studio in the Bronx (NYC).

Thierno Camara ebass/vocal

Jean-Michael Cohen Solal e.guitar

Papa Sow vocal

Lulu Miriam Chemoss vocal

Daniel Bagutti drums

Karma Krew

Rap/Hip Hop

It's a popular Swiss-Italian that for its latest album  "Uomini Come Noi", called a side band for some of the biggest festivals in the Swiss Italian part.

Manu D vocal

Los vocal

Manny vocal

Jonas Macullo piano

Chris Pedretti e.guitar/e.bass

Daniel Bagutti drums

Ongora Sextet


A Swiss made band with musician from all over Switzerland recorded a dvd during a live concert, in a Festival in Arogno, Switzerland.



Daniel after many festivals in Switzerland and north Italy with Koan, he recorded "A-Session" with the band. An acoustic version of the latest album "Broken".

Pierre Dettori vocal

Lelo Cantu e.guitar

Alessio Deiana e.bass  Hector Hellion e.bass

Fabio Carella e.guitar

Daniel Bagutti drums